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Fight for your 0.50 rate cut!

Posted Thursday, 03 May 2012 at 12:24 by Shape Home Loans
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 Fighting for your 0.50 RBA cut.







The numbers above represents the amount of the  RBA rate cut some of the top banks has passed down to us consumers, for many mortgage holders any rate cut is a good cut!  But here at Shape Home Loans we believe it's time for a fair cut; as we don't only want a good cut...we demand a GREAT CUT!


Due to our bargaining power and relationship, we will be in the position to offer up to the FULL 0.50 rate cut with the same banks - ING, Adelaide bank, Advanatge etc....


Example: ING




Current ING rate

Mortgage Simplifier -  6.72%  ------ After RBA 0.30 rate cut = 6.42% As of 11 May 2012


Our ING rate ( we will pay for all negotiation cost and any out of pocket expenses, so it will be the SAME bank and SAME product) 

Mortgage Simplifier - 6.72% --- After RBA 0.30 rate cut + our negotiation offer = 6.26% as of 11 May 2012


Our 2nd ING rate offer ( Not direct with ING, but under written and funded via ING)

ING Solutions loan - After RBA 0.30 rate Cut + our negotiation offer = 6.07% as of 11 May 2012ING rate cut



ING rate cut offer 

LENDERS ING BANK DIRECT ING BANK DIRECT -Shape Loans Mortgage Manger (ING)- Shape Loans
Rate (after RBA) 6.42% 6.26% > $3000,000

Redraw , I/O, Extra repayments Yes Yes Yes
Set up cost $220 $220 $500
Online Banking Yes Yes Yes
On going fee/ Annual fee None None None
Up to 95% Yes Yes Yes
Loan managed and serviced by ING ING A Mortgage Manager
Funder/ Bank ING ING ING


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