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How to Calculate rental yield

Posted Thursday, 23 August 2012 at 17:01 by William Mansfield
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Calculating rental yield


What is rental yield?


Yield is a measure of the percentage of income return you get from an asset ( property, term deposit, bond, shares).

Property investors uses this quick calculation to determine if a property is cashflow positive, neutral or negative geared.


Calculating rental yield


Yield is calculated by dividing the gross annual rental income by the purchase price.

[ Rent per year ] / purchase price x 100 = %

For example: Unit in Mount Druitt NSW sells for $200,000 and rents for $280 per week.

[ (280 * 52) / 200,000 ] x 100 = 7.28%


Note: 7.28% is the NET rental yield, meaning it doe not take in consideration the interest rate, tax benefits, depreciation or any another associated cost to hold the property


Analyzing rental yield


This quick calculations tells us the potential lost or gain we may experience to hold the property. Generally speaking if the rental yield is 2% higher then the current bank interest rate then the property is considered positive geared at that point in time. As 1.5-2% of the yield should be enough to pay for any associated cost to hold the property; such as strata, insurance, management fee and rates.




As important as the rental yield may be, rental vacancy plays an very important part in the investing decision; as it potentially tells us the CHANCE that this rental yield can be achieved and time-frame. No point buying a property with good rental yield when the rental vacancy is extremely high and the property is vacant for a long period of time.


Less competition = the best competition.  


Click here to learn about rental vacancy.


Another consideration:

  • Strata
  • Negative gearing
  • Tax
  • Loan structure - Family trust, SMSF, Joint, Personal
  • Interest rate
  • Rates - council, water, utility, land taxHow to calculate Rental Yield
  • Cost of repairs and renovations
  • Management fee
  • Cost of rental vacancy
  • Repair cost and upkeep
  • Renovations
  • Insurance
  • deprecation








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