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Interest Rate June 2011

Posted Tuesday, 07 June 2011 at 09:52 by Michael Chan
Tagged: interest rates
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Negotiated rates available to Shape Home loans Customers- Same Banks. Better Rates. Served With A Passion.

 Based on $400,000 | 30 years term | LVR 85% or under | Conditions applies **

Discount maragin is for the LIFE OF THE LOAN



As of 7th June 2011



    Interest Rate                                                     


6.59% ( Exclusive) 

6.59% ( SHL exclusive--90% LVR + LOC)




  • Exclusive to ShapeHomeLoans ONLY- you will not find this same deal ANYWHERE ( internet or broker) 
  • Interst only available
  • Redraw and extra repayment available
  • Up to 90% LVR allowed!! for the same rate
  • Extra 0.10% discount after 5 years 
  • Line of credit at the same rate!!!! 
  • Funded by Major bank ( No this is not a Ubank product- exclusive to SHL)
  • LMI can be capped
  • New purchase + refinace
  • No exit fee
  • Note: 1% EST + $500 set up cost 

6.58% (Intro - 1 year)




  • Interst only available
  • No fees ( 1st year)
  • Redraw and extra repayment available
  • Reduced LMI 
  • $700 Refinance Promotion - Till 30th June 2011
  • After 1 year rate reverts to 6.97% ( Choice Package - $395 Annual fee) 


             AMP 6.82% (Intro - 1 year)
  • $349 Annual fee
  • Offset account
  • Interst only available
  • Redraw and extra repayment available
  • Construction Loan allowed
  • Reerts to 7.07% ( Same product) 
                    ING 6.96% 
  • Interst only available
  • Redraw and extra repayment available
  • No ongoing fees
  • LVR discounted by 40-60% ( conditons applies)
                  ANZ 7.00%


  • Interst only available
  • Redraw and extra repayment available
  • 100% Offset account
  • Ability to have up to 5 loans under one mortgage 
  • Three (3) free valuation per year
  • Construction loan allowed


  • No Monthly or annual fee
  • Interst only available
  • Redraw and extra repayment available
  • Suncorp network
  • Construction Loan allowed
  • NO application fee Promotion- Till advised
  • Extra 0.2% discount for life of the loan 



Special Products of the Week

Product that suits client's in unique and difficult situations



Interest Rate                                                     


6.58%                                                           x.xx % ( Low Doc - 6 month ABN)               
  • Low Doc 
  • 80% LVR
  • 6 month ABN acceptable 
  • No need tax return 
  • Rate dependent on overall deal
 Low doc loans  8.49 % ( Low - Doc 80% ) 
  •  Low Doc loan- only require accountants letter.
  • LVR up to 80%
  • 30 years loan
  • No ongoing fee
     Private Loans ( Private Finance- Deal P006)   9.55 %
  • Part of our Private finance ( Quote P006)
  • Finance avaliable for Start up Businesess, Bad credit, 1 years discharged Bankruptcy, US finance, Student Loan ( long term)
  • No Construction
  • LVR capped at 55%
  • 1.5% EST + $600 Set up cost
  • No exit fee
  • Max loan term applies



There are 100's of products to choose from, we are independent and accredaited with 42 of the most respectable banks and lenders in Australia, and we offer:


 Free Service and professional advice

 Loan Structure that will give you MAXIUM benefits - Tax, Wealth Creation and savings

A choose of loan products that are suited to YOUR needs, NOT the banks.

Quick, efficent and easy to understand service 

A written plan and quote on how you can achieve your financial goals from property investing.

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Free property report and access to the latest news and information  

We are more then YOUR personal mortgage manager. 







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It's NOT always about the interest rate, Service, monthly fee, annual fee, exit fee, easy access  and security all plays an important role in deciding for the best home loans.

All lenders will have condition on who they want on their books. So speak to us first and let us do the homework for you!!! FREE of charge.                         


** The Comparison Rate (CR) combines the lender's interest rate, fees and charges into a single rate to show the true nature of a home loan. The CR rate is not included into this site, however the full CR are available from lenders and from Shape Home Loan- simply email us at info@shapehomeloans.com.au, and we will be more then happy to assist. Cost such as redraw fees or early repayment fee are not included into the CR and this may influence the cost of the loan.


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