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When will the bank pass on the RBA rate cut?

Posted Thursday, 03 November 2011 at 17:33 by Shape Home Loans
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How much of the RBA cut did my bank pass on? and when?



*** UPDATED link---> List of the top 15 banks and how much of the 0.25% RBA cash rate cut they are passing on and when.


We have been flooded with emails over the last 2 days regarding the above question; we will have a full list of ALL the banks with their current rate and new rate + date of when the new rate will take affect.

Also for all clients who has a current deal in the pipe line , you will still be entitled to the new rate cut + discount...all three (3)  brokers - William, Michael and Zoe + support staff will be working over this coming weekend so stay tunned!




When will the bank pass on the RBA rate cut?



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