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Checklist for off the plan settlement and final inspection


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Version 4: June 2015.




While all care has been taken in the content of this documentation, Shape Home Loans accept no liability for any loss suffered as a result of clients using this documentation.


Tip: Inspect the property during a bright sunny day, preferably during daytime/lunch time; this will enable you to view the paint job and any default in a better light.


What to bring:

  • Sale contract with the full inclusion list
  • Pen and Paper
  • Measuring tape
  • Torch
  • Hairdryer Or Phone charger
  • A small cup ( Plastic one or your used coffee cup is fine as well)
  • Camera or Smart phone with camera function
  • Extra person for a second set of eyes and help
  • This checklist



  • Paint is not bleeding through. If done properly ( ie min 2 coat of paint) you should not see the color of the base material, this can only be check during the daytime, under good light.


Electricity/ Power point and appliance

  • Test all power point ( with Hairdryer Or Phone charger)
  • Make sure there is a power point where the microwave or fridge will sit
  • Know the location of the meter box
  • Check all light switches works
  • Check all inbuilt appliance is there as per your inclusion and are functioning;

Oven/hot plates

Air Conditioner



Exhaust Fan

Car remote/garage



Tip: Ensure you get a copy (Normally it's in the microwave/ Dishwasher) of the warranty, insurance and instruction manual for each appliance



  • Ensure that the hot water system is functioning - is the water from the hot tap, hot?
  • Turn on multiple taps ( 2 to 3) at the same time and ensure sufficent pressure is maintained
  • Half fill the sinks and remove plug and ensure water drains properly

Tip: When testing the water for the laundry tap there is normally no bucket or sink to catch the water, use the cup you bought or coffee cup as a mini bucket to catch the water.

Bathroom/ toilet

  • Check the shower screen seal ( on the bottom- plastic) is correctly fitted and there's no gap.
  • Make sure the toilet flush properly and refills properly with no abnormal noise

Final run down

  • Check there are no Stain marks on the carpet
  • Check for any major scratch on appliance or glass.
  • Check the windows close and open properly
  • Check all blinds/ curtains
  • For window locks / make sure they provide you with a copy of the key
  • Check all door locks and make sure keys are supplied ( interior and exterior)
  • Check the alarm system work and you understand how to change the password
  • Check the intercom system and you understand how it works
  • Make sure you know where the TV Port and internet ports are located and which ISP are available for this building ( Cable/ ADSL/ NBN)
  • Are ALL inclusion as per sale contract included ( Brand, size and type of appliance etc)


Tip: You may want to measure out the spaces so that you can go furniture shopping - Ie fridge space/ Laundry/ bed/ sofa/ TV.

Lastly if you buy a fridge with a auto icemaker or Water cooler; you have to make sure that space is fitted with a plumbing tap for the water.

Enjoy your new Home or Investment :)

 Off the plan checklist and final inspection

 ( Final inspection_Checklist_ Off the plan_Shapehomeloans_June 2015)

                                 ( 157KB - PDF)

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