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Finance for borrowers still on probation



Common probation issues/problem

  • Still on probation?
  • Considering jumping ship for better working conditions or salary?
  • Just finished university?


Approval criteria


As long as your employed in a permanent position; part time or full time...we can approve the deal up to 95% LVR.


Frequently asked question ( FAQ)


Q: I have being employed for less then 1 week and i haven't received any payslips yet, I'm applying for an 95% LVR loan, can you help? ( Sept 2009)


Yes we can. Just provide us with the original employment contact OR a letter from your employer.


Q: I bought an off the plan property 2 years ago, my settlement is due in August ...however im on probation, i have been rejected by CBA, Bankwest and ANZ- Help!! ( July 2012)


That's fine, we can still apply for an loan even with 3 recent rejections; as long as the rest of your deal ( saving patterns, characteristics, history, debt ratio) are fine - we can easily provide an valid and acceptable explanation for the recent rejections.




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